Although our childhood may be far behind us, we are never too old to appreciate the unexpected or to enjoy the whimsical.

Receiving gifts and packages in the mail is always a nice surprise, but when the package is adorably small and the gift and message inside are meaningful and fun it is even more exciting!

Check out the items below for great gift giving ideas!

Let them know you care!

Are there people in your life who could benefit from an encouraging word or a thoughtful gesture? YOU can make a difference in their lives TODAY!

The smallest act of kindness can and often does make the greatest impact!

Ordering is FAST and EASY!

  • Express yourself in a BIG way using ITSY BITSY items.
  • The objects shown below can be used for any occasion.
  • Use one of the suggested messages or write your own!
  • Your order will be processed and in the mail within 2 business days.

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