I am the mother of 4 grown sons, and grandmother of 10 beautiful and very precious grandchildren.  I have been more blessed in life than I would have ever dreamed possible. 

I had the happiest of childhoods.  When I was a little girl I collected ‘treasures’ … rocks, seashells, buttons, charms, marbles, feathers, jacks, small pieces of ribbon, and bits of colored glass.  I loved sorting and organizing them and thinking about where each item came from, its color, shape and size.  Whenever I found a new item to add to my collection, I was absolutely thrilled!

Today I am still enthralled with anything tiny, and enjoy all things vintage … tin and wooden toys, dolls, buttons, books, game pieces, dime store novelties, photos, clothes, jewelry, fabric, tools, wallpaper, furniture and decor.  There is something about these things that fills my heart with indescribable joy and peace.  Perhaps they are a reminder of my wonderful, carefree childhood and the beloved treasure collection I enjoyed so long ago.

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